Why You Need To Choose The Path Less Traveled

Taking The Path Less Traveled

Choosing Your Path!

The intriguing idea of choosing a path in your life that might be a bit different from the crowd certainly isn’t new.   In 1916 Robert Frost wrote a wonderful poem called The Road Not Taken.  It talks about looking longingly down two paths, thinking about the pros and cons of each path, knowing that once you start down one, it is unlikely you will be able to also go down the other one in your life.  It also suggests that you shouldn’t waste time and energy at the crossroads, but get on with it and choose a path.  One thing is for sure,  the path you choose can define you, mold your life and direct your life’s fortune.



Do You Take The “Easier” Path?

When you have a choice of paths to follow, it is easy to worry and fret about which one you should take.  Frequently one path is the “easier” path.  When you consider it, you will see that many others have traveled it before you and that is the direction the crowd is moving.  It  is well-trodden, clearly defined and, at first glance, looks to be the safer choice.  You do notice, however, that the faces of the people on this path lack enthusiasm.  They don’t appear to be happy or excited.  They seem exhausted and stressed out as if it were a struggle to just keep going down the path.

No Footprints! Oh No!

You take a chance and glance down the other path.  You see only the first 25 yards or so and then it is overgrown and twists sharply to follow the rough terrain.  You don’t notice any footprints to follow or arrows pointing the way.  In the distance, you occasionally see a glimpse of others on the path as it winds through the countryside.  You quickly see a difference!  They seem to be excited about their adventure.  They peer eagerly to the path ahead and step briskly over obstacles.  They help each other when the path is slippery or steep.   They are laughing and enjoying life!

You Must Decide!

When a fork in the path appears in your life, you must decide.

Do you take the easy way and follow the crowd or do you step out of the main stream and seek a life of excitement and adventure?  It is never too late to plant your foot firmly on the path less traveled and take steps – even small steps!  You will soon catch the enthusiasm and your steps will begin to lengthen and become more confident.  You will meet up with folks along the way who are fun to be with, excited about life and who will gladly help you along.

Life Changing!

I made the decision a few months ago to point myself down the path less traveled.  I took a step of faith and my life changed.  My path is leading me down the most amazing journey of success in my home-based business.  I had been trying to be successful for quite a while – but, unknown to me, I was just on the wrong path.   You see, I was following the crowd and it just wasn’t working for me.  What I learned was that, if I wanted to be truly successful in my business, I needed to learn how to promote it properly online – using social media.

My new path is exhilarating.  It is exhausting and certainly not easy!  But the successes are MINE and it is getting easier.  What more could I ask for!

Are You Looking for Success?

I imagine you are reading this blog because you have a  business that you are struggling with.  Or possibly you just started a business and you’re wondering what is the best way to become successful.  Maybe you don’t even have a business yet but you are looking for something to get excited about.

My Question For You!

My Question For You Is:   Are you willing to take the first step down the path less traveled?  If you are, I am here with a helping hand!

To Your Success!

To Your Success!


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