What is the Secret to Becoming Magnetic?

3 Traits of a Magnetic Leader

What Winning Qualities will Make you Magnetic?

1) An Abundance Mentality

This is one of the core concepts for success. Winners don’t “need” to sponsor people. The don’t “need” people to join their group. When you “need” something, you become a slave to it – you automatically give up your power. If you don’t have the power in a situation, you are not in a position to lead!

All feelings of “need” will be crushed if you come from a mentality of abundance. When you live in abundance, you do not fear failure!

2) You are unconcerned about Criticism

When you’re a winner, you are completely unconcerned about criticism. It is common for those who follow to become fearful or insecure. They frequently blame their failures on others or their situation. They don’t take responsibility for their own life or outcomes. Many people, especially people who are not experiencing success, resent winners – therefore, as a winner, you must disconnect yourself from the criticism or resentment that is directed at you. There is a great saying “Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinion of sheep”.

You want to be a little careful with this – don’t interpret it to mean that because you hold the power, you can do whatever you want and not care about what you might do to the weaker ones. That is absolutely NOT the path to take! But it IS important to not let their criticism of you affect you in any way.

3) Winners dictate the Terms

Not in a mean way – just be assertive. If people want to interact with you, it must be on your terms. This is known as “posture” in the work-at-home arena. You must be willing to say “no” – you cannot please everyone.   Give instructions like a quarterback with his team. He is making the play calls and expecting the team to do their part.

Respect yourself, dress with style, communicate professionally and live a healthy lifestyle. Winners do these things! You must be protective of your time – don’t give it to others unless they deserve it.

Winners are valuable people – they have a high personal value level!

The more valuable you become, the more people will seek you out!

That is the secret to becoming magnetic!!


To Your Success!

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Pam Lambert

Success Mentor and Coach


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