School of Hard Knocks

Did You Graduate from Here?

Do you feel like you have been beaten and bruised in the process of building your home-based or MLM business?  Does it seem like every morning you wake up thinking “this is the day!  Today that I’ll make some great progress with my business.   I love my products and services!   I’ll find some new customers and happen upon a super go-getter who is looking for a way to make extra money.  That person is going to become my next RockStar business partner!”

You Start Your Day With A Smile

You start the day with a smile and an optimistic attitude –  then



…the first person you mention your business or product to has no interest what-so-ever.  You think to yourself – OK .. so that wasn’t the right person.  Then you bring up your product to someone else and they let you know that they are absolutely NOT a salesperson and could never even THINK of trying a home-based business.  This is when you start to feel the bruises pile up.  That big optimistic smile that you had when you started your day starts to fade.

Afternoon Brings On The Bruises!

After this, you approach people with a little more reserve and aren’t quite as sure of yourself as you wish you were.  By afternoon and evening, after getting the same results several more times, all you want to do is go home and watch your favorite TV show – anything to take your mind off of the failure you are experiencing.

This is life as a student in the School of Hard Knocks!  I’ll bet you have a Master’s Degree!!  Just like I do!

I know exactly how you feel!  No matter how much you WANT your business to succeed, getting others to buy into your excitement can be emotionally draining.  After all – you only meet up with so many people each day – no matter how many activities you attend or stores you wander around in.   It can get really old “chasing customers”.

How To Become a Magnet That Will Draw Customers To You!

What you need is for customers to find YOU!  How would it affect your business if you had people who are actually interested in your niche market and they are contacting YOU regularly?!  When I first heard that, I thought – WOW!!  I wonder if that is even possible?

I don’t know about you, but most of my friends are not entrepreneurs and they don’t have the drive and fortitude necessary to become successful business owners – or they are very happy with their current “jobs”.  Many of them are winners in their own area or job – no doubt about it.  But having the drive and desire to be your own boss requires a special type of “ambition”.

I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The fact that you are here – reading this blog – proves that you are a WINNER!

So – What Is The Secret?

What makes some business owners successful and others continually struggle?  Is it intelligence?  Is it attitude?  Is it having money to invest?  Is it education?  The thing is, many of the most successful and influential people in the world do not score high in any of those areas.  Many don’t even have a high school diploma.  Many  very successful entrepreneurs didn’t start with a lot of money – or good looks – or have their success handed to them on a silver platter.

Silver Platter

Silver Platter


What Are The Common Threads In Successful People?

There are a few common threads that are present in nearly all real winners and if you want to climb that ladder of success and achieve the goals of your dreams,  following are some golden nuggets that could hold the secret to your  increased fortune:

  • Service to Others – Strive to Help Others Become Successful

    •  To become a Magnet that will draw customers and potential business partners to you, you MUST become a servant leader.   You must make yourself available to those who need your help, without looking for immediate financial gain.  That will come later.  This “Service to Others”  is to be given FREELY, in ABUNDANCE and the more VALUE you give away, the better!
  • Maintain an Attitude of Thankfulness and Appreciation

    • No matter where you are in your quest for success, you must ALWAYS maintain an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation.  People don’t like being around those who are arrogant and ungrateful.  You need to make sure you are a pleasure to be around so people will be drawn to you.
  • Never Give Up

    • This trait, of course, is the most important of all traits.  Not only must YOU never give up, but you must never give up helping others.  If you have someone you are working with and they get frustrated and discouraged, you need to be their guiding light.  Show them that success is THEIRS if they will follow your lead!

The experience and lessons learned  in the School of Hard Knocks is worth a million bucks!   Don’t wish them away.  Cherish them – be appreciative that you have the opportunity to grow from the hard times.   Without the challenges, it is hard to recognize success!

You probably know the rags to riches story of Harland Sanders.   His father died when was just five years old so he started cooking for the family while his mother did sewing for the neighbors.  He hired on as a worker on a neighbor’s farm at ten and at eleven he worked in the fields for four dollars a month. Colonel Sanders  He milked cows , ran ferry boats, was a sales man for awhile and worked on the railroad.  Life toughened him and he had many trials.  However he was always a giver and helped others whenever he could.  As he started making more money, he loved to give scholarships.  He never gave up through life’s trials and in his later years, he finally became one of the most successful and wealthy men of his time.  Colonel Sanders sold his many franchises and remained the face of his company, Kentucky Fried Chicken with a net worth of about $3.5 million.  That doesn’t seem like much now, but back then it was truly a fortune!

My point in telling that story is that the road to success is usually a rocky one.  You must graduate from the School of Hard Knocks and learn from the experiences and mistakes.  Stay strong, always help others and never give up!


To Your Success!

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    • Yes, building a business can be hard at times. We’ll have to endure many failures before we achieve success, but I think if people understand this upfront, they can expect it and get through it. The worst thing to do is quit! Thanks for sharing!

      • Pam Lambert

        Reply Reply April 24, 2015

        Hi Angela – Thank you for commenting on my blog! I agree for sure on the Never Quit attitude! :) It is also a really good point that if people know ahead of time that it won’t always be a rosy path, but they are still excited and moving forward, that will really help them stay focused and determined. Thanks again! :) Pam

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