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Rise & Shine #1

Motivation for Your Day! A simple discipline to help you succeed.   Enjoy!!



Rise & Shine #2

Why is it that only 1 in 20 people actually achieve the success they desire? Motivation for Your Day!



Rise & Shine #3
Brand Yourself! That is the very best way to rise to the top 5% and shine as an expert in your niche!



Rise & Shine #4

Why do some people become super successful and others continually fail miserably?  Learn these simple strategies to make sure you are one of those who succeed!



Rise & Shine #5

Why do some people become super successful and others continually fail miserably?  Learn these simple strategies to make sure you are one of those who succeed!



Rise & Shine #6

Are you a glass half-full person or a glass half-empty person?  Your mindset is what will make you or break you!  These simple strategies can help!



Rise & Shine #7

How do you stay on track in these days of information overload?  With How-To videos, YouTube and emails coming at you from every direction, how do you know what to do next?



Rise & Shine #8

Marry yourself to the process!  Divorce yourself from the results!  See why this simple strategy can make a world of difference in your results!



Rise & Shine #9

Are you experiencing the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship?  Learn here how to avoid this pitfall that can derail your success!



Rise & Shine #10

Your Personal Recipe for Success!  Put these three strategies into place in your life for dynamic results!



Rise & Shine #11

Using the power of visualization will help you achieve the great success you desire!  Put these simple strategies to work in your life TODAY!



Rise & Shine #12

How do you become an authority in your niche – even when you are just starting?  Use these quick and easy strategies for dynamic results!!



Rise & Shine #13

Learn the top strategy that you MUST know in order to become a sought-out leader!



Rise & Shine #14

People don’t join a Business – What They Want is a Great Leader!!  Quick and Effective Tips to becoming a GREAT leader!



Rise & Shine #15

Increase your Personal Value Level to make more money and become a more valuable leader in your industry!



Rise & Shine #16

The Fastest Way to Reach Incredible Levels of Success is to Increase Your Value to the World!  Learn here how to increase your Value!



Rise & Shine #17

Exchange your WILLPOWER for WHYPOWER and see the dynamic difference in your results!  Learn how in this video!



Rise & Shine #18

How to reach that “turning point” when you go from being a struggling wanna-be to becoming a successful entrepreneur?  HINT:  It isn’t your product or your company!



Rise & Shine #19

How to establish yourself as a valued leader in your industry. This is the most important strategy and it is easy to implement!



Rise & Shine #20

What is the #1 thing that will set you apart and far above the competition? Sell Products and your Opportunity? Nope! Have home parties? Nope! Cold Call? Nope!! Secret revealed HERE!



Rise & Shine #21

Success-In-A-Box!! Do you wish it was that simple? Maybe you’re making it more difficult than necessary! Learn the TWO BASIC STEPS to this proven and dynamic marketing strategy!



Rise & Shine #22

Find out why it is MUCH better to promote and offer a whole system – NOT just a product or service! Get dynamic results with this innovative strategy! Facebook Training Series:



Rise & Shine #23

Are you hungry for success? Warm market gone cold? Frustrated or confused about what to do next to grow your home-based business? Let me help! Free training, motivation, success strategies and MORE!!



Rise & Shine #24

Video Marketing – How to get started making videos to promote your home-based business with not much money and very few technical skills!! Let me help you avoid the pitfalls!!



Rise & Shine #25

Video set-up – what tools and software do you need? Low Cost and Low Technical Skills!!



Rise & Shine #26

In the Video above- Learn how to set-up for making promotional and tutorial videos on a relatively low budget and with very few technical skills!



Rise & Shine #27

How to get set up to do your own promotional and tutorial videos – In this video – How to get the lighting right and more! Easy and low cost!!


Rise & Shine #28

How to use the Cyberlink Power Director 14 video editing software to put a simple tutorial or promotional video together! Step by Step instructions in this video!


Rise & Shine #29

Tips and Tricks for making tutorial videos! Use these ideas to minimize some of the challenges you may encounter.


Rise & Shine #30

Learn this dynamic strategy so you never run out of topics for your tutorial videos!


Rise & Shine #31

Tips and Tricks on how to save, store and share your videos on social media!


Rise & Shine #32

How to make a dynamic and engaging video that will entice viewers to take action.


Rise & Shine #33

How and Where to post your promotional videos to reach the largest possible targeted audience.


Rise & Shine #34

How to zero in on your target market! Check out these 2 easy and quick steps!


Rise & Shine #35

Don’t let others steal your dreams!!


Rise & Shine #36

Are you putting your best foot forward when promoting your home-based business or your brand online? It is extremely important! Learn how HERE!!


Rise & Shine #37

What are the 4 Steps to Get Started promoting your home-based business online using social media?


Rise & Shine #38

How to Create Magnetic Content that will attract people to you and encourage engagement with your followers.


Rise & Shine #39

Create and Post Magnetic Content to build your audience. How using this proven strategy can help you never run out of warm market again! Unbelievably effective!!


Rise & Shine #40

How to establish a never-ending warm market of prospects who will come to know, like and trust you!


Rise & Shine #41

This easy to follow strategy can make all the difference between struggling or succeeding! Speed up your success! Start Today! Easy – Low Tech and Low Cost!! Learn the process FREE!!


Rise & Shine #42

How to change the sinking feeling of overwhelm to the winning feeling of confidence! Become the dynamic leader you wish to become! FREE access to my 5-Step Success Formula at SucceedWith


Rise & Shine #43

Upgrade your Facebook Fan Page today with a simple capture mechanism that gives you powerful promotional capabilities! Easy – low tech – low or no cost!! More information at


Rise & Shine #44

How to create a simple but powerful and attractive lead magnet….and what to do with it!!


Rise & Shine #45

How to Set-up and Create an Automated “Lead Magnet” Delivery Email! Lots more great training available at
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Rise & Shine #46

How to Install a Capture Page right on your Facebook Fan Page! Low Tech & Dynamic!! Lots more great training at


Rise & Shine #47

Does the idea of creating a capture page and hooking it up to an autoresponder email list sound daunting? Use this quick, easy, low-tech method to get a capture page up and running quickly right on your Facebook Fanpage!
More great information available at


Rise & Shine #48

Super Happy Tuesday to You! This is the final video in my step-by-step training series on how to add a capture page to your Facebook Fan Page. The entire training can be accessed FREE in my videos #43 – #48 – all are posted in my Facebook group at: ! Enjoy!!


Rise & Shine #49

How to AVOID the THREE BIGGEST mistakes that many online marketers make! Lots more great training at


Rise & Shine #50

How to Make a Great Video without a script! Lots more dynamic tips on how to get more leads, more cashflow and building your warm market at


Rise & Shine #51

Fabulous Friday Inspiration – Do or Do Not…There is No Try….Yoda For more great training and inspiration – join my Facebook Group at


Rise & Shine #52

Consistency is Key! How to keep your message fresh and consistent! For more great training and inspiration – join my Facebook Group at


Rise & Shine #53

How to Use Facebook to Build Your Warm Market. Let me help you learn this easy, low tech system – join my Facebook Group at or IM me for FREE help.


Rise & Shine #54