Reach the Turning Point in Your Career

Reach the Turning Poing in Your Career

How do You Reach the Turning Point in Your Career?

Entrepreneurs with the biggest bank accounts also have the biggest personal library.  Does that surprise you?  Just because they are wildly successful, that doesn’t mean that they quit learning.  Quite the opposite is generally the case.  The more successful they become, the more they spend on courses, books and coaching.

Each book or course that you take is just one step in your journey up the ladder of success.  Leaders never look for the quick way to the top.  They never skimp on educational materials for their own personal growth or wonder if this next book or course will hold the secret to their success.  They know, without a doubt, that they will continue to invest in themselves and no cost is too high.

You see – Whatever money you spend on improving your skills or your mind-set will, in turn,  make you much more money in the long run.

Once I figured this out, I didn’t go a single day without putting good information into my mind!  I started buying every course I could afford and spent hours and hours studying the content.   This revelation was truly the turning point in my career!

Buy every book you can get your hands on!

Success as an entrepreneur comes down to TWO things!

  1.  To become a leader, you must increase your value
  2. Once you increase your value, you must learn how to express what you know to the world

Your Business will Take off When you Simply Help Others…

You don’t need to wait until you know a whole BUNCH of stuff before you can help others.  Just try to help as many others as possible – start from where you are today.  Pick one or two topics and learn them well.  If you need to buy a book or two, or a course, just BUY IT!  Study It!  Become an EXPERT at that one thing.  Then start teaching it to others.   This is your key if you seem to be stuck in neutral.

Learn to Market Yourself and Your Expertise!

Market the truly profitable way!  No Competition will be found when you market “You Inc.”  If you haven’t heard of this before, You, Inc. is the solution to your biggest problem and you may not even know you have that problem!

If you market “You, Inc.”, you never have to worry again about the company you represent or what products you sell.  If the company closes shop – you can easily change!  If things change in the company that make it difficult to deal with …  You, Inc. doesn’t care!  Once you establish yourself as a knowledgeable leader who helps others succeed, you will be a leader and a winner in whatever niche you decide to pursue!

I hope this makes sense – because it is the total secret to success as a network marketer!

Here are a few examples of things you might study and become expert at:

Positive Mind-Set:  Read and implement The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson – this book changed my life!!  The Slight Edge








Learn how to set up a blog and teach others:  Read my eBook called How to Take Your Home Business To The Next Level

HowToTakeYourHomeBasedBusinesstotheNextLevel (2)










Training on how to use Facebook by the Best in the Industry

Facebook Marketing

Learn Facebook from the best in the industry!












Build your Blog like the Pros by my friend and mentor, Mark Harbert, click HERE.

Awesome Blogging Training

Blogging Academy











Many more great ideas are available at this link.

To Your Success!

Promoting Your Business Using Social Media




Pam Lambert

Success Mentor and Coach


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