People Don’t Want The Product – They Want The Results

What Must You Change about Your Marketing Plan- (3)

Embrace This Concept For Dynamic Success

You’ve probably heard this quote from Perry Marshall before – “People who buy a drill don’t want a drill, they want a hole.”  This is a really vital concept that you must embrace wholeheartedly.

If you apply this same concept to your business model, it could very well change the way you market and promote.  If you are in the diet industry, I’ll bet your target market doesn’t really…really…want to eat less or exercise more.  What they want is the slim, trim body!  If you are in the anti-aging industry, people don’t crave to slather lotions on their skin, they want less wrinkles!

What Should You Change About Your Marketing Plan?

So – when you ponder this – what might you change in your marketing plan?  Are you advertising your products directly on social media?  Are you asking people to join your group or buy your products?  How is that going for you?  What kind of results are you actually experiencing?  I have a feeling the results are sadly lacking.  For one thing, if you had plenty of leads, you probably wouldn’t be reading this!

I’ll bet you aren’t even reading this blog because you want to read a blog!  I’ll bet you are reading it because you want to learn how to end the pain of not having enough money or that you want time freedom so you can enjoy life more fully.

What is the Primary Reason MOST Home-Based Businesses Fail?

One of the primary reasons that most home-based, network marketing businesses fail is that there is just too much pressure put on people to buy or “join” NOW.  Sales pressure turns off people.  Too much pressure sends folks running the other direction!   If you simply become a great leader, share your personal knowledge and value and consistently inspire and motivate others with no strings attached and no expectation of personal gain, people will come to trust you.  They will start looking to you as the expert in your field.  This is the secret to real success.  This is what promoting “You Inc” is all about!

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Relationships

At the end of the day, the success of “You, Inc.” lies with your list, the people who follow you and how well you earn their attention and respect.  You need to know exactly what they really want – remember, a person buys a drill because they want a hole – so what will entice your followers.  What result is it that they really want?  This is your “bait”.  Market to it.  Promote to it!

I hope this has provided you with some “food for thought”!

To Your Success!

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Pam Lambert

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