Need Leads? Need Training? Problem Solved!

Need more leads?

Need Quality, Targeted Leads?

So you want to get good quality leads everyday  and have more success with your MLM or home-based business?  Up ’til now, you’ve been chasing prospects, calling friends and relatives, passing out business cards in line at the grocery store and thinking up new and interesting ways to bring up your business whenever you come into contact with someone.

That is exactly how nearly all MLM companies train you to build your business.  Go to your ‘warm market’, they say, and don’t give up!  The problem is – that can be very difficult!  What happens when that market goes “dry”??  You can be left feeling frustrated and wondering where to turn next. 

Use Social Media!

I imagine you have thought about marketing your business online.  Knowing how and where to start can be daunting for sure.  I know exactly how you feel because I have been in exactly that place – trying to make my home-based business successful but feeling lost and frustrated by the results.  No matter how much you want it or how “positive” you try to stay,  results seem to be just out of your reach.

I have good news!  There is a solution to your problem!  It isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme and it won’t happen overnight with no work, that I can assure you.  However, the good news is that if you really want positive results and are willing to put in the work to get there, I can show you exactly what you need to do!

The light is Problem Solved!

It isn’t a train!!

There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and it ISN’T a TRAIN!!

How quickly you see results will depend on how much time you have to put into marketing your business, what your budget is and how closely and diligently you follow my training.   I’m not  a miracle worker who is offering something for nothing!   However, if you fit into one of the scenarios below, I can definitely help you achieve the success you desire.

1)  If you are on a very low budget but have 20 hours or so a week to put into your business, I have lots of free training available.  I recommend that you contact me so we can put together a plan to get the ball rolling for you.  Please send me an email at or give me a call at 253-334-7047.   Please leave your name and phone number and what time would be good for me to contact you.  I offer a 30 minute consultation at no charge.   During this free consultation, we can design a plan for you to follow.

2)  If your budget will allow $100-$150 per month and you have 10-20 hours per week to put into your business, I recommend that you review the materials at this link, take advantage of the $10 test drive offered and sign up for a minimal amount of personal coaching with me for 90 days.  Following is what you can expect with this option:

  • The MLSP Mastery Program is the single most valuable training platform available to help you achieve your online marketing goals.  There are hours of training available on how YOU can use all social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter – and many others to promote your business.  There is a 100% money back guarantee, so you risk nothing but have a world of success to gain!
  • My coaching services will help you organize the training, keep you motivated while you learn and help you plan the next steps necessary to grow your business and continue building on your successes.  Cost of coaching will depend on the amount of time you would like to spend.  Please keep in mind that the first 30 minutes of coaching is free!

I look forward to helping YOU achieve YOUR goals!

To Your Success!

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    • Joshua Turner

      Reply Reply June 2, 2015

      I love that you are a biz coach!! We need to have a biz call soon Pam. xoxo

      • Pam Lambert

        Reply Reply June 2, 2015

        Absolutely Josh! I am so excited about what I’m learning and would love to share my info with you. I’m sure you have lots of great ideas as well – I’ve always known that you are one of the world’s best marketers! :):)

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