Educate YES! Sell NO!

Educate First - Sell Later

Become an Educator – Not a Salesperson!

When I got started promoting my home-based business online using social media,  I thought you just posted an enticing or interesting picture of your product or opportunity on your favorite social media site and then told everyone all of the good points!  Sell…sell…pitch…pitch…

I got NO results with that method – let me tell you!  Have you tried that?

Do you see that a lot like I do? People “pitching” their products and opportunity all over Facebook? I don’t think they are getting many results either – just like me when I tried it that way!

What you need to do is become an Educator!

To reduce buyer resistance, the best thing is to lead with value – that is the only way to build a lasting audience who is actually interested in what you have to offer. Let’s say you are selling weight loss products and you’re looking for people who might want to buy your weight loss shakes. You’ve been telling them until you are blue in the face how great your product is and how much weight they will lose if they just use it faithfully for 30 days or 60 days.  Question:   Have you sold a bunch of shakes online?  I doubt it!

What if you started by educating people about weight loss in general. What if you gave SO much value to your target market that they actually started listening to what you have to say and looking forward to your posts. Say you do a post on the value of Vitamin C and what can potentially happen if you don’t get enough of that particular vitamin?  Maybe you talk one day about exercise – provide some exercise regimens that people can do – depending on their age and/or maybe their physical condition?  Maybe critique other products and do comparisons.  These are just a few ideas that will truly break down that wall of resistance!

Those people who have been totally skipping over your “pitchy” posts might actually take notice – they will start to take notice if you give enough value.  Well – let me preface that with the big IF – and that is IF you have researched your target market and know what they need or what they want to know!

Who IS your target market?

I thought I knew the answer to this question and when I was listening to some great training by my friend, mentor and coach, Mark Harbert, recently, I found out some super interesting techniques that helped me REALLY focus in on my target market – even more than I had been. Then – once I was super laser focused, I learned further how to find out exactly what they are looking for!

Do you know EXACTLY who your target market is?  Do you know EXACTLY what they are searching for online?  If you master those TWO items, and then provide that precise information to your target market,  you can make a BUNCH of money!!

I was super excited to put these new strategies to work in MY business and have seen some dramatic results already!

To access four free videos that give great step-by-step instructions on exactly how to zero in on your target market and then find out exactly what they are looking for, click HERE!

This dynamic training might just help YOU focus in even more precisely on your target market also! :)  I thought it was GREAT and learned LOTS!!

More Targeted Leads = More Money! :)

To Your Success!

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Pam Lambert

Success Coach and Mentor



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