Did You Lose Your Enthusiasm?

Did You Lose Your Enthusiasm?

So – “What Did I Lose?”, you say!

Well – I didn’t actually LOSE anything.  But what I FOUND is worth my weight in GOLD!!  That could possibly be exaggerating just a tad!!  :):)

Have you ever been missing something – but you weren’t really sure exactly what it was?  Things just weren’t going as well as you thought they should and you didn’t feel like you really “had it together”?  Man – I have had that feeling so much over the last few years.  It wasn’t something seriously wrong – I didn’t feel sick – my life was good – I wasn’t unhappy or depressed.  I just wasn’t really excited about life.  I had kind of “lost my edge” I guess. 

What I found was MY ENTHUSIASM and MY EDGE!!

And I’m so stinkin’ excited I can hardly stand it!!  My enthusiasm is skyrocketing, I have been able to gain control of my life in so many ways and I am on a natural life high.

Let me quickly tell you My Recent Story!

First of all, let me say that I have always been a positive, optimistic person – sort of a “glass half-full” kind of gal, I guess. Are You a Glass-Half-Full Kind of Person?  I have studied positive mental attitude principals and tried to put them to work in my life in many ways.  I generally am happy and outgoing.  I figure I’m as smart as the next person (smarter than some and, of course, not as smart as a bunch) and relatively level-headed.

I have worked my whole life for someone else, giving 150% in my efforts to do a good job and be an asset to my employer.  My stack of great Letters of Recommendation proves that I have done fine work for my various employers.  I have worked as an Administrative Assistant to a number of executives, held a Realtor license, a Mortgage Loan Officer license, a Life and Health Insurance Salesperson license, managed a Dinner Cruise in Lahaina, Maui and, most recently, have been the Benefits Coordinator for one of the largest school districts in our state.  Quite a variety of careers, wouldn’t you say?

The thing is…. in all honesty….. through all of my varied careers, my real dream and drive  has been to work for myself!  I have longed to be able to set my own hours, get paid in direct relation to my hard work and ingenuity and have the freedom to work my business from wherever I am.  We all know that no matter how good of a job we do for someone else, we are essentially making THEM rich – we certainly aren’t lining our own pockets with gold!  They OWN US!!Travel With Your Business I have wanted to travel and be able to take my business with me.  I have been so tired of being stuck at a desk for 8+ hours every day!

Most of all, I have known that there is something bigger that my life should be all about!

Have you ever felt that way?

I love people.  I love helping them and celebrating with them in their successes and inspiring them when they fall short of their goals or have struggles.  I have had an unending drive to help others – in some way!  This has been an unfulfilled need in my heart.   I didn’t know what that was until the last few months!

So What Happened?

Well – I was going along a few months ago, kind of in a rut…working at my job and living life….I was getting sort of close to retirement age, so I would think about retirement Nest Egg?and immediately start getting a little panicky because I didn’t have a big pension or a nest egg to retire on.   I knew I would be living on social security and a small pension.

Frankly, I was in a funk ..(Have you ever felt this way?)..what a bummer of a letdown after a lifetime of hard work, eh?  I wasn’t depressed or real unhappy – I just wasn’t excited and enthusiastic about life.  At that point, I figured my only hope for a more enriching retirement would be if I could get a home-based business off the ground and make it successful.

The problem was, I had tried a number of home-based businesses over the years and, no matter how excited I was about them in the beginning, I would run out of enthusiasm when I couldn’t get others excited and my customers would come and go….mostly go…..I was pretty darned negative about trying another one.

About that time, my sister, Linda, got excited about an anti-aging product that happened to be the base product line of a home-based business opportunity.  Of course, EVERYONE wants to look younger, so I tried the products figuring I would support her in her endeavor.  What I didn’t expect was such amazing results from the products.  I started reading up about them and started using them regularly.  For the first time in quite a few years, I started feeling small waves of excitement in the base of my stomach.

Waves of Excitement Started!

After about a month of great results with the products, I decided to get my feet wet (once again) in a home-based business so I signed up.  That happened to be at the exact time I had to have some extensive reconstructive surgery on my foot and I was going to be off work for about 6 weeks.  I was also going to be very immobile – I couldn’t drive because my right foot was in a cast….Have you ever even THOUGHT about starting a business from your recliner?  Pretty Crazy Eh???

Well – I was excited about the products, so I just “went for it”.  About a week into my “recliner-restricted” recuperation, I realized that if I wanted to take this new business of mine seriously, I needed to figure out how to market it on the internet.  Unfortunately, I knew absolutely NOTHING about marketing online or websites or Facebook or Twitter.  I was a hopeless technopeasant – I just learned that word!!  According to www.urbandictionary.com a technopeasant is someone who knows nothing or has limited knowledge about technology.  Well – that was ME!!

Learning With The Pros!

I started an in-depth research project in my recliner (I was mostly off pain pills by then!) to find some type of training so I could figure out how to market my new business online.  I found LOTS of information but I was turned off by most of it.  It seemed so commercial and “fake”.

About that time, I happened upon a training platform that had some really big names in the internet marketing field attached to it.  I started looking around on that website and was quickly impressed by the sheer mountain of  training they had available on every possible segment of internet marketing.  I decided to invest in some training for myself by becoming a member and then, over the next 6 weeks – in my recliner with my laptop balanced on my lap, I spent hours and hours training with the absolute BEST internet marketers in the world!

That is where and when I got my ENTHUSIASM and my EDGE back!

Not only did I have a new exciting business to be enthusiastic about, but I had the keys in my hand to ensure success!   Now I am well on my way to a much more interesting retirement!

Join Me!

I would love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with YOU!   Read my other blogs, look around on my website – there is GOBS of free training as well as opportunities to invest in yourself and your business by training with the 6 and 7 figure earners in the internet marketing industry (check on the Tools Page).

No matter what type of business you have, this training is for YOU!  It is truly AMAZING!  If you are looking for a great company to become affiliated with, check out my opportunity by clicking HERE.  On the other hand, if you just want to have great-looking, healthy skin check out my anti-aging products out!  They are wonderful! :)

Change your Mind and Change your Life!

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To Your Success!

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      What set the tone was your picture! It made me smile when I saw it and made me want to read more…

      Dr. Lisa

    • Pam Lambert

      Reply Reply May 1, 2015

      I had so much fun making the picture and that blog post! :) I’m loving this whole blog business! How about you? :)

    • Jeff McGeary

      Reply Reply May 4, 2015

      Hi Pam, great post and I love the pic! You are a natural at this:-) Perhaps found your calling w/ blogging?? Keep rockin!

      • Pam Lambert

        Reply Reply May 4, 2015

        Hi Jeff – I hope so! I’m sure lovin’ it! :) The whole online – social media – promotion thing is fascinating to me! I love the new connections! Thanks for the encouragement! :)

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