Attraction Marketing-the Million Dollar Business Model

Attraction Marketing Works!

Attraction Marketing Works!

Acquire Skills – Serve the Needs of Others – Solve THEIR problems – Build Relationships

Simple as that!  It really does work!  Once you have built “You, Inc.” into a real-life commodity that can be traded for money, your path to success will become a short one indeed!

You become your own “business”.  Your knowledge, leadership and expertise in marketing become your products.  The people who follow you and seek you out become your marketing channel.

You become immune to outside circumstances and influences.  If the company you represent disappears (which they actually do fairly often believe it or not) it won’t matter a bit because you still have your company, your products and your distribution channel…..You, Inc. marketing your training, knowledge and expertise to your followers!  It is a business made in heaven!

Competition Disappears Forever!

Think about how many people sell the exact same thing you are marketing.  Whether it is a diet product or a vitamin supplement or a super-duper anti-aging skin cream or some intriguing widget – not only are there thousands out there who are selling EXACTLY the same thing, there are thousands more who are selling something VERY similar!  That equals a TON of competition!

Now – think about this for a minute – How many Leaders do you see marketing themselves and making their services available to you?  I’ll bet you don’t see very many!  How many people give away free training daily and provide value that will help YOU become successful?  Not very many!

So – when you develop You, Inc., provide value and leadership to your target market and consistently reach out to them as a mentor and coach, you have basically NO competition.  There is ONLY one YOU!!

You are no longer selling a product or an opportunity.  You are selling yourself, your leadership and your services!

The more people who are out there trying to build a business, struggling with the stress and pressure of not knowing what to do next, the better it is for You, Inc.!  Think how much easier it will be for YOU to stand out in the crowd!!

Make sure you maintain integrity, a high personal value, continue to build your reputation as a trusted advisor and stay consistent!

To Your Success!

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Pam Lambert

Success Coach and Mentor


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