5 Top Reasons Why Video Is Vital To Your Success

How to Maximize Your Success with Video

Why Adding Video Will Maximize your Success

It is no secret that video posts on Facebook get a LOT more attention than text posts.  I have tested this concept many times and with similar content, videos outperform text posts at least 4 to 1.

YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web and although using videos is frequently an afterthought in most content marketing plans, its value cannot be overlooked.

According to Comscore, a global media measurement and analytics company, adding a video to your blog post can increase your chances of a front page Google result by 53 times!


So What Are The 5 Top Reasons that Video is Vital to Your Success?

  1.  Stronger Emotional Connection – Video is absolutely the most powerful way to engage with your market on an ’emotions’ level.  Video builds trust by bringing the personalized touches of voice, facial expressions, possibly music and your personality into the equation.  This will help you connect with people much more quickly.  People will feel as though they know you which is huge when it comes to marketing of any type – but with internet marketing it is especially powerful.
  2. Videos are Increasingly Easier to Do – In the past, it would take many thousands of dollars and several months to get videos made.  Because it was so expensive and difficult, only those with large advertising budgets could even think of using them regularly in their marketing plans.  These days, nearly everyone has a cell phone, a tablet or a laptop with built in video making capabilities.   It is super easy to make videos on the go, share them on social media and make connections with your market immediately and personally.  This is a dynamic advantage over everyone who DOESN’T use video!!
  3. Video is GREAT at Story-Telling  – By allowing the viewer to look and listen (using multiple senses), they become much more involved in the message.  It is possible to draw them into your environment and share your information and story with them on a personal level.  Very powerful indeed!
  4. Customer Conversion – Video is incredibly useful to motivate, educate, inform and entertain viewers.  When a potential customer in involved in your videos, they will feel as though they know you which helps them to like and trust you as well.  As long as you maintain high integrity with your messages, are targeting the right audience for your business and stay consistent with your content, video can help you quickly build a customer base full of people who are eager to hear your message, buy your products and/or become great business partners.
  5. Videos are shared on Social Media at Alarmingly High Levels! – Guess What?  If Social Media is your marketing network, video is simply the most powerful tool available.  If you want to capitalize on the viral nature of social media, why not use video – customers will become more engaged, begin to share your message with their friends and even possibly create their own videos as well!

I hope that this information will entice you to get on the “video marketing” bandwagon!  It is truly amazing the difference you will see in social interaction, personal connections with your target market and overall brand recognition.

To Your Success!

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Pam Lambert

Success Coach and Mentor


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